Saturday, April 25, 2009

What Every Parent Wants to Know

Parents are fighting a battle for their kids even if they don't know it. There is an undercurrent of darkness threatening to swallow up the light of childhood at every turn. Books, cartoons, songs, clothing, TV video games, schools, friends. These are the circles of influence for children ages 10-25. Notice parents and teachers are absent from that list. Whatever you belief system is, it isn't there either. If this sounds alarming, it should. Children are becoming more agressive, less empathetic and considerate as each day passes. Our legacy that is our children is rapidly shaping up to be a generation of thugs. What do we do about it? As a nation, a state or a city? We stand up and stop saving children from the consequences of their actions. Children need limits and boundaries. For more information on effective parenting techniques go to

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