Sunday, April 26, 2009

Finding New Sources of Strength for Women

I know this is dedicated to kids issues but I wanted to share a moving experience I had recently. I went to get a pedicure here in San Antonio at Yardley's Salon and Spa. Yardley's is a local business with a unique view of salon services and a dedication to the customers experience. It also helps that it is owned by Yardley Bowen, the wife of San Antonio SPURS number 12. The pedicure went beautifully and i got a deal for a mini manicure as well. The service was outstanding and the overall experience was pleasant. What made this blog worthy was the story of the technician that did my services. I'll call her Janet. During the two hour experience we talked. She shared a little about herself, and I did the same. It truly is amazing what women will discuss with their salon staff! Janet was an abused woman in a relationship that was controlling, violent and disturbing. She had two sons to think of as well. She had been hiding money around the house for a planned escape.That day came when she knew she her then husband came home he would kill her. She gathered her children and her cash and left. A next door neighbor took the trio to the airport and she was away. Later, she contacted the grandmother of her husband. Grandma said she was glad Janet had let because that was why her daughter was in the ground. Her husband's father had killed her and her son was turning out just like Dad. Janet has made a wonderful life for herself and her sons are grown know and have marriages of their own. She is a grandmother. We continued to talk. She wants to do something other than nails. Dress for Success came up as an option. It is a local charity that gives women business clothing to get them started on a way out of a less than healthy situation. Hopefully, there will be a place for her there. She has a wonderful story of strength and hope that heeds to be told. My point here is there are women everywhere who are in a dangerous situation or are planning to escape from one. They are your stylists and your checkers at the grocery store. They may be your child's teacher. Take time to get to know the people who touch your life. You may find extraordinary stories and people behind the service. For help with a violent relationship in San Antonio contact

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