Sunday, April 19, 2009

Obama. Right or Wrong?

President Obama has been in office a short time but has made significant changes in the way government interacts with daily life. Involvement in GM,banks and wall street endeavors raise the question, is this too much government control? Maybe not control but influence would be a better word to use. Has the constitution been sacrificed? Is he listening to American voices? There is a huge amount of concern about the pile of debt the country is accruing, from both sides of the aisle. Yet the money keeps being spent. When is the stopping point? We are indebted to foreign governments like never before. Tea parties sprang up across the country, some banning political personalities from speaking. It seems the administration is turning a deaf ear to those citizens. In some reports, the act is being touted as an act of terrorism and may be a threat to national security Some agree that big business is way out of control. Some see the Obama administration as the Savior come to fix the consequencesof the past years' misuse of power. Whatever your views are, the fact remains we are watching history being written on a hourly basis. We can't know what history will consider valid and valuable. We can't know the impact on future generations of what we choose to do today. We can only do what we think is in the best interest of the country and hopefully our children's children. Will they be better off as a result of the Obama presidency?

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