Monday, April 13, 2009

What price for a child?

As of late I have been inundated with stories of adults murdering children. There are various reasons. A cheating spouse was one such reason. It seems these types of crimes are becoming all too familiar with the added story of a California child's body found in a suitcase. The suspect in the latest atrocity is a bible school teacher who was the mother of this murdered child's friend. Children are not disposable. They are not pets. They are sentient souls that deserve everything we can do to protect them and give them a chance at a full and rewarding life. LAws need to be revised to state to the world the United States does not take the murder of a child lightly. To kill a child is to kill innocence. To kill the totally helpless. That takes a special type of evil. Be it mental disease that goes untreated or just the egocentric actions of a totally self absorbed individual. It needs to be treated as the height of unacceptible behaviors. Help protect children. This is child abuse prevention month. Let your law makers know you are tired of hearing about these crimes. It is time to stand up and be counted in support of a safe world for kids.

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