Monday, April 13, 2009

Vaccines, Yes or no

I recently came across a link to an interview on this subject.
NaturalNews) Dr. Sherry Tenpenny speaks out against the dangers of vaccines in an exclusive audio interview published today on Author of the book Saying No to Vaccines (, Dr. Tenpenny is a well-informed, vocal opponent of mandatory vaccination policies and a well-respected educator on health freedom and vaccine exemption strategies for concerned parents.

For those of you who do not know about this issue it is about the possibility of vaccines contributing to autism among other developmental issues in children.
The article goes on to say children receive as many as 100 vaccines in their first 6 years of life. Wow. I had no idea! I know about the usual DPT and small pox vaccines that I had as a child. What are these others for? Do we seriously need that many to keep a child healthy?
Here is another snippet: The shocking truth about how one doctor said children can be given as many as one thousand vaccines without any side effects at all!Give me a break! Who would even think of that scenario?
I am a medical professional and that seems absurd to me. The truth is probably somelace in the middle with moderation in all things being the answer. Do vaccines control the rampant outbreaks of deadly diseases, yes they do. Do they damage the immune system, probably. But ths artciel seems to claim other issues that parenst need to be aware of.
Check out the link and decide for yourself. Let me know what you think.

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