Sunday, April 5, 2009

Area School is Hurting

I recently spent some time with my friends over on the Southside of San Antonio. There is a school district that had a murder and 2 suicides in the last 3 months time. This district has arguable the best alternative campus around, with a PhD on staff for mental health issues. But somehow, the kids that attend this high school didn't get the help they needed at the time they needed it most. The funeral for one of the seniors was so packed with classmates, no adults could get in, with the exception of the boy's family. A popular, charismatic young man, whose life ended without reason or purpose. 2 suicides. My thoughts go to the friends left behind. The teachers and parents. I am sure they are thinking back on what they could have done. Wrere there signs? Did the kids try to tell someone what they were planning? Could someone have made a difference? Looking back is normal. Guilt is normal. But hopefully, someone will look forward and plan for a better system to find kids who may need extra support and get them what they need. For all the kids out there who are thinking of ending their lives, please stop and find someone to talk to. Tell them what you are feeling and thinking about. You are so important to so many people you don't even know. PLease give everyone a chance to get to know the person you are becoming. Please. Let someone know.

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