Sunday, August 7, 2011

God Bless America

Used to, way back when, we started the day with the pledge of allegiance. We learned about the great history of the grand experiment that is the United States of America. Kids knew about where we came from and why we chose to go thousands of miles across an unknown ocean to a land filled with savages and strange animals. The weather was harsh as was the landscape, but we went anyway. What must our kids be thinking as they look around their world? We have lawmakers squabbling over who is to blame for the current problems while ignoring solutions in favor of political capitol. The founding fathers must be turning over in their graves! Everyone needs to re-read the constitution and the Declaration of Independence with the bill of rights. We all need to remember why we are here and talk about that with our kids. We have gotten so far from what we were at the beginning. We need to get back to some of those basic principles if we intend to leave our kids a country and a legacy above and apart from the financial and political strife seen across the globe. It worked then, it can work now. They kids just have to know how to get there. We set the pace and the course. We have to start and then pass it n to them with a road map to follow. etc, etc ,etc. My 10 year old grandson sees Obama through the eyes of a child. He believes the rhetoric. He believes what he hears on TV. He believes the leaders of our country because he does not consider they may not be telling him the truth. They are there because we elected them to lead and manage our issues. Why would they lie?

The media plays a huge part in this. Remember back when Walter Chronkite and those folks were around? There was a plain reporting of the facts, non biased, just the facts. If there was an editorial or commentary, it was clearly noted. Now, there is so much spin on what really happened with sound bites edited to give the story more punch, never mind if it changes the intent of the piece. Again getting back to basics. The basics of our government and our national philosophies, journalism, ethics, business, education, funding and spending.

America can no longer act like the saviour of the world. We need to bring everything back home, reassess our needs and our direction and then go forward again.
 Our kids are watching. They are seeing many first time in history moments, and none of are good.

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