Friday, July 22, 2011

Suicide Under the Sink

We all have heard the alarming statistics on suicides. It is the  number 3 cause of death between the ages of 15-21.  It is not well reported. This does not include the single car accidents or "accidental"  deaths that make up a large majority of the fatalities in any community. Accidental overdoses are reported as just that, instead of suicides.
 There has emerged a new method of suicide that is gaining popularity. It involves the use of detergents and household cleaners. This method is not only deadly to the person committing the act, but also to first responders or anyone that may discover the scene.
The  person mixes several household cleaners together, which creates a substance that emits toxic fumes. The fumes are the deadly part. It takes only seconds to do damage.
 Generally the person  prepares the location by closing all doors, windows and blocking any air  escapes or intake. Cars are a prime choice.
There have been incidents across the country where there was actually a warning left to first responders about the hazard, in anticipation of who might find their body. They clearly did not want anyone else to die because of them.

This apparently originated in Japan with several cases making their headlines. It is here as well.

This is an issue that is getting very little attention but deserves to be discussed in all law enforcement and fire rescue departments. Teachers , school officials and  parents should know as well.

If you need a reason to look closely at the chemicals that you bring into your home, this is it. Just as any responsible person who owns guns takes precautions, we should  know what hazzards are in our own home, right under our kitchen sink. If you have a family member who suffers with depression, it might be a good idea to  really take a discerning look at all chemicals that are in your home.
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