Saturday, April 24, 2010

Raising Responsible People

What were you taught as a child? Respect? Fair play? Be patient? Many of us had differening messages we were taught as children. Mine were to remember everyone has feelings and to try to always be a positve influence in all I do. I look at my children, who are grown with kids of their own and see some of the same messages have become a part of who they are as adults. They are caring, sensitive and involved people who tend to their own issues and still find time to reach out to others. Some of the kids I see in the neighborhood don't seem to have much of a set of values to draw from. They lack respect for others, are rarely involved in anything expect gang issues and causing a disturbance. If asked about helping someone, they make some crack about " what's in it for me?" Parents are stressed. Teachers are stressed. Crime is high. Kids are using drugs, getting into fights and committing suicide. And no one seems to care. Parenst have a job to do with their kids. It is not the schools responsibility to train up your child in moral constructs or ethical values. It is the responsibility of the parent to teach a child right and wrong and teach them how to tell the difference between the two. I see many kids who have no respect for anything that does not carry violence and sex. Kids who grow up without limits will be adults who have no limits. The prisons are full of them already. I am not a fan of removing kids from homes without just cuase, but if parents cannot or will not fullfill their roles as teachers, then it becomes society's issue to deal with. I would rather spend the time and the money while they are kids than spend those dollars on incarceration when they are of age. What do you think?

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