Sunday, May 3, 2009

Help for Parents on the Flu

It is everywhere. Statistics on the flu outbreak are saturated our daily information sources. And really, it sounds pretty scary to an adult, much less a child. While you are teaching your children how to wash their hands to the Happy Birthday Song and to sneeze into their arm, remember to slide in some words that will help them be ok with the level of drama around them. The CDC has a great section on their website that helps parents talk with their kids about the flu and how to help kids understand and be ok emotionally. The biggest thing you can do is not panic yourself. Remember kids pick up on adult distress in their lives and will adjust their moods accordingly. If you are afraid, they will be too. So this Sunday morning, after church and lunch, spend a little time talking with your children and see how healthy they are emotionally as well as physically. Have a great week!

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