Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Best Little not for profit in Texas

I have the distinct honor of working for the best not for profit organization in the great state of Texas! Southwest Mental Health Center is an organization that serves children when they seriously need someone to hold out a hand of hope. For well over 120 years SMHC has been the safety net for families that could not care for their children for whatever reason. From back in 1889, when the economy forced families to "place" their children, to the current needs of children who are victims of abuse and neglect, SMHC continues to be all about children. The organization is a free standing psychiatric hospital serving children ages 3-17 in various levels of care. From acute care to residential to partial or day treatment to outpatient care, SMHC serves the children of Bexar and surrounding counties with an attitude of compassionate connectedness and dignity. SMHC relies on the generosity of the community, and San Antonio is a very generous city to live in. The children here are kids who may feel they don't matter, that they are stupid or weird. These are kids who desperately need a place of safety and compassion and SMHC is that place. All of the staff at SMHC have one mission, that is to best serve the kids and their families and help them to overcome the disabling effects of mental illness. It is our goal to help them become successful at home in the community and at school. Check out the website for yourself!

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