Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quick Hide the Kids!

It is that time of year in Texas! Our state legislators are in Austin filing bills, aligning themselves along issue and party lines. In case you haven't heard, Gov. Perry has sent a letter to the President disapproving of the stimulus package. He basically said he would take the money but would not put it into state services, like CHIP and Medicaid. He said we need to worry about enolling the kids who are elligible but aren't enrolled, but will provide no more money. Is it me or does that make no sense? How can you enroll more kids if you don't have enough money in the fund? Plus, we have heard for years that the Federal government will give us extra dollars from income taxes we have all paid, to match what the State puts in. So, in effect, Governor Perry is not willing to take advantage of the Federal matching dollars either. But he did say we needed to uphold family values. And we should get down on our knees and Thank God we live in Texas. I do Governor, but not because we are a state committed to caring for kids who live at or below the poverty level. Not because our State abides by the scripture to take care of the widdows and orphhans. I don't think we do that at all. In fact, it seems like we are doing just the opposite. We let them fend for themselves and make it as difficult as possible for them to apply for, receive and keep benefits they are eligible for. I thank God I live in Texas because ofthe rich history and extremely diverse lands. And becuse we will be electing a new Governor soon.

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