Saturday, February 21, 2009

Healthy Eating?

We all have a stake in growing healthy children. Parents model behaviors including what to eat, what is good, and what is not. Children will develop their own tastes as they get older, but kids can learn at an early age to LIKE vegetables. They can learn to like fish that is not fried and swimming in butter. TV, commercials and their friends eating habits will have a huge impact on them. They will forgo the salad for a Big Mac, or Taco Bell, Chick Fil-A, Jack in the Box, and Subway Sandwiches. If a child does not know to make good choices, they are at the mercy of the juicy looking burgers they see on TV. They don't know that a "meal" of a super sized french fries and coke will not only cause their face to look like a pothole covered stretch of bad highway, but will cause them to have major health issues down the line. Kids need to be given an education on why foods are here and how to use them for the fuel they were intended to be. Teaching a child how to read a label and how to figure out what a healthy choice is will help them not only as children but it will be knowledge they can pas down to their kids. Start a revolution in your own home! Start discussing meal choices. Of course, if you are going to give your kids good solid information,you will have to practice what you are trying to teach! This could be a great adventure for your entire family if approached with a fun attitude. Good luck to you all, and be sure to share your stories and recipes!

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