Sunday, February 22, 2009

Protecting Our Children; Media

Have you noticed the clothes for kids lately? I may be showing my age, but I think it would be very hard to raise a child now. Trying to put clothes on a little girl is next to impossible if you want to dress her in any way except like a slut. From tight bra-type tops to low rise cutoffs that are designed to show just a hint of bottom, you can train your girl to be a professional! even little girls can take advantage of platform heels and use their behinds as a billboard for words like "PINK". By the way, in a recent poll of men, this means "untouched" and "juicy"! Look around at the little kids you see. What do their clothes communicate to you? How about a child predator? We can do a search by zip code to find out how many registered sex offenders live close to our homes and our schools. Yet we allow clothing manufacturers to reduce the innocence of childhood to "hooker training" togs. The boys aren't being left behind either. They are being groomed to be punks who wear jeans that sit just high enough to keep them from falling down, usually. There are even pants made that have exposed boxers built right in. No need to buy and wear those pesky underwear! Little boys dress in gang type shirts with matching ball caps. The messages on their shirts are usually related to "that's how I roll" meaning "that's just who I am, so deal with it." I don't want to take away the up and coming generations' ability to express themselves through music and clothing. Every generation does that. It is a right of passages and part of the developmental tasks teens must complete. However, it should be their expression, their messages not one that is forced on them by clueless adults and people who serve to make money at their expense. What is cool shouldn't be what is skanky and crass. It should be something a kid can participate in without sacrificing their self worth. Even lasers won't remove those scars.

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