Tuesday, February 24, 2009

HBO FIlm On Soldiers Death

I watched a very well done film last night on HBO. This film followed a military escort bringing back the remains of a fallen marine. It offered a close up look at the care, consideration and respect that is apparent through this entire process. From the preparation of the body for transport from the field to the arrival stateside, respect and admiration are the predominant emotions shown. Taking Chance is the film starring Kevin Bacon as a Marine who volunteers for this duty because the fallen soldier is from his hometown. Events unfold, but throughout the film, you see cars escorting the hearse with their lights on in a salute to the fallen soldier, airport personnel taking extra care to offer the escort privacy and special consideration. There is also a very dramatic scene at the metal detectors where Kevin Bacon is basically threatened if he does not let go of the bag holding the soldiers personal effects to go through the xray.He has already surrendered eveything else. The escort has been charged with not letting it out of his control. The other very emotional scene is the escort sleeping on the floor of the tarmac next to the fallen while awaiting the next leg of the trip home.
Every soldier that was killed was a son, perhaps a husband or a father. There are families attached to our nation's military service members who live with the threat of loss daily. Take time to salute those who put their lives on the line for us. This weekend, rent Taking Chance. It will change you.

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