Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Do You Believe?

This time of year always reminds me of magic. The magic of Christmas. Magic sleighs and reindeer, and elves and an awesome guy in a red suit that lives at the north pole who flies all over the world in a single night delivering toys to all the good little boys and girls. Childhood seems to ripe with magic, or it used to anyway. The tooth fairy was this magical creature that was invisible to kids, who collected teeth when placed under a pillow, and replaced the tooth with money. The economy obviously has impacted fairy land as well. A tooth used to be worth a quarter, now I hear they are going for upwards of $2.00! The Easter Bunny, the Sandman, and all the  creatures that live in that far off place of magic and  wonder, have they been forgotten? Adults seem to be too busy to play those kid games anymore. The only time you can see an adult really get into magic is around the holidays. Santa is at the mall. There is reindeer food for that fateful Christmas eve run along with cookies and milk for a hungry chief elf. I believe in magic, always have. And I believe in miracles.
Magic makes childhood what we as adults think it is. Adults tend to fantasize about what a childhood should be about. Happiness, fun, and innocence. That is what we all remember as the childhood we all want for our kids. Ask any kid if that is what they have. They will probably think you are  completely out of touch with reality. Maybe we are. The day to day life of a child includes stress, pressures,awkwardness, ridicule, fear, uncertainty, confusion, and pain both emotional and physical.
Those wonderful days of  playing with friends in sun streaked  yards, riding bikes, building forts and secret clubs with no girls allowed does not exist in the modern world. A lot of the  magic of childhood that was fueled by their imagination is slowly being eroded by technology. Whatever you can imagine can be  done through computer generated images on a screen as big as a football field in ear splitting sound... and 3 D. There is little left to the imagination. So back to my original question...Do you believe? Magic or miracles or both? Somewhere are there still fairies and elves that dance around in a wondrous land where kids are protected and taught the beauty and magic of imagination? I wonder.  

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