Friday, December 24, 2010

Oh Holy Night

It is Christmas Eve. The magic of Christmas can be seen the in eyes of every child you see. Churches will be overflowing this evening. Every town and city in the USA is brilliant with twinkling lights all around. Some have snow, some have rain and some are just the same. Some kids have the tradition of opening gifts from Santa Christmas Eve, others must wait until Christmas morning. Some have stockings they received on December 6th in honor of St. Nicholas, others have stockings that are received on Christmas with the other gifts. NORAD tracks where Santa is as he leaves the North Pole with his sleigh of presents.  Whatever your traditions are in your family, take the time to cherish each moment of frenzy and excitement. Never mind the frustration with kids who would rather play with the box than the toy.  It isn't going to be perfect; not a Norman Rockwell kind of a thing, not even close. It will be your own work of art with your family. Each year just a little different than before.
 Take some time to remember the reason for the holiday and raise your voices in joy for the birth of Jesus so long ago in that stable in Bethlehem. Read the scripture that talks about the Nativity. Let the kids read parts too. Make Christ the center of your holiday and blessings will surely be yours  for the coming year.

To all of you who have read my blog this year, I wish you the brightest of Christmas dreams and the Merriest of  celebrations. And for the parents who struggle with if they should tell their kids that Santa doesn't exist, remember the real Santa lives in every one who enjoys giving more than getting. I think there are enough of us around to say... we really do exist!

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