Sunday, June 27, 2010

Energy Drinks and Kids

You've seen the ads for Red Bull.. it gives you wings! Then there is Rosk Star and Amp. Lots of energy in a can being pushed on us to get us through the day on less sleep and less food. If you have kids you may wnat to know about a way these drinks are being used that could cause serious consequences for kids. Energy drinks contain a host of ingredienst ,like caffeine, sugar, taurine, ginseng, and more. Alcohol is a depressant, this we know. So we have two contrary messages being sent to your body at the same time. The idea is to keep you alert and not sleepy so you can party longer. Some kids think they are less impaired because they don't feel as sleepy or lethargic. Alcohol still impaired no matter what. Now you add a huge dose of cardiac boosters to an impaired kid. Plus alcohol dehydreates the body, hence the hangover. Eneregy drinks further dehydrate. Serious hangover potential plus possible damage to the system. Some people maybe able to handle this combination, but in a kid, we really don't know what medical issues may be just under the surface. Sudden heart failure is a definite possibility when using this combination. Consider the dangers of taking ecstacy and drinking. This is similar but much easier to get.
As a nurse, I do not recommend the use of any energy drink. The body sends us very definite messages about what it needs and when it needs it. We as resonsible adults need to let kids know they should respect their bodies and not gamble with it. It is afterall the only one they will have.
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