Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

It is Christmas morning and the kids have already shredded the gift wrapping and are busy playing with their new toys. Mom and dad are exhausted and sit clutching their 8Th cup of coffee. If you listen closely you can hear sighs of " Thank God we made it through another Christmas Day!" And everyone swears they will not wait till the last minute next year. We will eat too much and have a huge mess to deal with later. But now, we are enjoying a moment of peace.
Today is the anniversary of the day we have designated as the day of Christ's birth in a town in Bethlehem. Many Nations across the world celebrate this day with us. Some religions don't, and that is fine. Today, however, if you truly believe in the birth of the Christ Child, don't feel embarrassed or ashamed by saying so. Wish people a "Merry Christmas!" That in itself is not an offensive statement, and I am not sure when we began to think it was. No other religion is prevented from letting the world now of the special days they observe, and we are ok with that. But when, in a country that was founded by people who believe and trust in an all knowing God who's Son was born into flesh denies Christians from expressing their beliefs, something has gone wrong, horribly wrong. I have seen children's groups happily sing Silent Night yet they are forbidden to sing a song that talks about a Saviour's love. One place that serves children was treated to a Christian singer and song writer doing an impromptu concert. AS long as he sang Jungle Bells and Silent Night it was all good. One course of Mary Did You Know and his mic went dead.
Today while you are recovering from the commercial part of this holiday, please remember the true reason behind the celebration. Wish Jesus a Happy Birthday and be proud to stand up for your faith and your traditions. Merry Christmas everyone. May the joy of this day warm you throughout the coming year.

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