Thursday, May 28, 2009

Parents Help on Demand

Issues happen fast. Every parent knows that. Parents need to have an arsenal of info to draw from at a moments notice. How do I raise a child with good self esteem? How do I get help with a psychiatric crisis? Is the police department the only option? When should I consider medication? What do I do about bullying? Now, parents and caregivers can access these types of issues via an an on demand video link provided by Southwest Mental Health Center's Family Resource Center. The Family Resource Center is a page on the hospital's website that offers various educational and informational offerings many parents cannot access because they cannot attend in person. Southwest has converted these live presentations to a You Tube format and included them on their user friendly website. Additionally, SMHC staff is listening to what the community needs. Via email and telephone contact, parents can ask for specific topics to be included in the video on demand library. Be sure to check out the website and let the staff know what you think. Let them know what you need as a parent, teacher, administrator or caregiver. href="">

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