Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Mentally Disabled

In any state the people most vulnerable are those that don't have the mental capacity to stick up for themselves or are seen as "out of touch" with reality. The recent State school scandal involving fight clubs in Corpus Christi, brings this out once again. The pople who work with the mentally disables, be they mentally ill or MR, need to be held to a higher accountability than they currently are. What are the requiremenst to be allowed to work in state schools? What is the eductaional level of the staff? Do they have a basic understanding of the clients they serve? I think that is tthe key word..SERVE. Medical and mental health professionals have forgotten they are in a service industry. yes there needs to be training speciifc to their job, but under it all they are there to serve. Not be served. Thery are not there to get their needs met. Before anyone puts a child or an adult in any insitution, they should visit. Take a tour. If the staff don't allow you to see where the clients are, there usually is a reason. Once you have your loved one there, visit. Drop by unannounced. Check on things your client says to be sure they are being well taken care of. If you find conditions that are favorable, by all means report it to the adminsitration at the facility, but also report it to the state agency responsible for liscensing. We are all here to serve. We all need to wtach out for each other, especially if we are responsible for another life.
Texas needs to setp up and back up the family values rhetoric with actiion. This seems like a good place to start. What do you think?

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