Saturday, March 7, 2009

Crimes and Criminals

I have a friend who works for Juvenile probation. Actually, I have several friends there. From what they tell me, the stories of the kids they hear reduces them to tears daily. These are not people who are easily shocked, or are protected from the vulgar side of humanity. These are people who deal with the damage done to kids day in and day out. This particular day was very bad. Torture, rape, obscene neglect and abuse, had my friend in shambles again over a big plate of nachos. The other patron's must have thought there had been a death. Maybe there had been at that moment in tine. The death of innocence. The death of hope for that child. The death of all that is sacred. If people exist that can do unspeakable things to an innocent, then there in lies the proof that evil exists right here in river city. There is not further need to offer proof of the decay of the human condition. Visitors from another galaxy would surely condiser us too primative and violent to save. Should we expect anything else? Afterall, we are mute in acceptance of the brutality all around us. PLease pray for the children. They desreve mush better that they are getting.

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