Saturday, February 28, 2009

We Don't Need Orphanages

Back in the early 1900's this country had places for kids to go when their parenst could not take care of them for various reasons. Orphanages were not an uncommon thing to see. Today, we don't have these types of places anymore. We do have group homes. Is there a difference? Well, you decide. The hospital I work for, Southwest Mental Health Center, ( see wbsite was such a place. Children were taken there by their parents during a time if economic crisi in the country. Adults couldn't afford to care for their children. They turned to the Protestant Childrns Home as a last resort to assure their children were fed, warm, clothed and educated. Currently, group homes house children who have been removed from their parents care by Child Protective Services or who are left with no parent able to care for them through incarceration and deaths. There are some similarities. But can a parent voluntarily take their child to a group home and then come back to get them when the economy turns around. I don't think so. With the economy the way it is, and rapidly worsening, maybe it is time for a place like the Childrens Home of old to return. We just mmight save a few children if it did.

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